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Brewery Tap House MK

This is a great opportunity for you to be part of the next chapter, a brand new Tap House, which we are aiming to open in early 2020! The Brewery Tap House will be located opposite the brewery incorporating a mini brew school and with a focus on locality and sustainability! There will be plenty of space to sit, relax, shop and host a variety of social activities for the local community, including comedy and various other arts!

Let’s create the dream Brewery Tap House, where everything is local and sustainable and you can really enjoy yourself and indulge in some of the highest quality food and beverage products locally produced! We are already pioneering a zero-waste beverage solution some of you may be familiar with, called Growler Swap, so we don’t just talk about what we want to do, we get on and do it.

We intend to use small businesses based in and around Milton Keynes to help with the interior designing and preparation of the site, so feel free to make recommendations when making a Pledge on the website! Feel free to recommend your favourite artisans too! With our beers, we don’t apply any filtration or processing aids, we use organic grains to brew and avoid the use of added sugars, so we intend to apply a similarly high standard to our food offering at the brewery tap house too!

If you are local, then you really must take advantage of this offer and help yourself as well as local businesses! Visit www.Crowdfunder.co.uk/BreweryTapHouse
and Pledge to show you really care about locality and sustainability!

We have some unbelievably great rewards for those who wish to be involved, take a look on our crowdfunding page here! £100 donation will get you over £485 worth of rewards! However, we need to raise a minimum target of £5,000 for the offer to stand!


You will be able to see crowdfunding updates on our social media sites too @BreweryTapHouse

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