Bucks Star Reopens

Bucks Star Open Week

30th Jan – 03rd February 2018

FANCY A FREE BEER (OR TWO)?! To celebrate the reopening of the brewery, Bucks Star is holding an Open Week from Tues 30 Jan to Sat 03 Feb. Anyone who is down as “Going” to this event can drink a free half-pint at the brewery and anybody who also shares the event on to their profile with the privacy setting on “PUBLIC” can have two free halves of the beers of their choice!

Opening hours: 10am – 8pm, with beer served and growlers of beer sold 10am – 7pm only.
Artisan hot food line-up:
Tuesday 30 Jan: Good Times Cafe UK (12 till 7)
Wednesday 31 Jan: AVegetativeState (4 till 7)
Thursday 01 Feb: The Little Oven Of Joy (2 till 7)
Friday 02 Feb: Good Times Cafe UK (2 till 7)
Saturday 03 Feb: Chins Kitchen (12 till 7)

Offer valid while stocks last only!
A list of people entitled to the free beers will be drawn up in advance, hence the need to share the event with the privacy setting on “Public” rather than “Friends” (so that we can see).
Proof must also be shown (on the day) that you are down as “Going” to the event (for the free half-pint) and have shared it on to your profile with the privacy setting on “Public” (for the two free halves).
You can receive a free drink only once during the whole Open Week and will be asked to provide your full name and show identification before being served your beer(s).
Proof of age must be provided by all persons under 25!

If you can’t wait until then, click on the Shop Now button or visit and have your beer delivered to your front door now!

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