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Bucks Festival 2017

Once upon a time, before Milton Keynes was the old village of Mideltone. Many years on and we celebrate the town’s 50th Anniversary as Milton Keynes. Milton Keynes is one of Europe’s fastest growing towns and was reported by The Guardian newspaper in 2015, as a town which creates jobs faster than anywhere in the UK. Continue reading

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Bucks Star on Collaboration & Localism

Bucks Star on Collaboration & Localism

Bucks Star have been called to give evidence to a Committee at the Council offices in Central Milton Keynes. The evidence is required to show that there is a real prospect of The Suffolk Punch in Heelands being used as an asset of community value; that in fact Bucks Star itself will commit to and invest in the project to realise this asset.

Back in early 2015 the brewery had contemplated opening a freehouse, but it was too soon and a suitable location was not available at the time. However, the Suffolk Punch presents a real and new opportunity, perhaps a bigger one than originally anticipated, but a goal certainly worth working towards.

Bucks Star’s tripartite philosophy focuses on ecology, health and the local community and helping to bring alive The Suffolk Punch under the guise of Bucks Star is absolutely inline with the brewery’s community ethos. There is presently nowhere in Central Milton Keynes championing beers made by all of the local breweries and our founder’s intention has always been to open an establishment which specialises in promoting all of the local producers. Milton Keynes has the perfect CV of local producers with Concrete Cow as the first brewery to setup in recent years and Virtual Orchard as the first cider producer. Bucks Star views itself as an agent of this collaborative movement and an important movement it is.

Bucks Star would like to thank Milton Keynes CAMRA and their Chair David Martin for their support over the past couple of years and to Mr & Mrs Fursdon and others giving evidence to support the local community, at the Council meeting on Monday.

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Fate of ACV in MK’s hands

Suffolk Punch; Asset of Community Value?

This week, Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, said that we must tackle isolation and detachment caused by globalisation. Perhaps, we find ourselves facing a challenge of a similar nature with the pub known as The Suffolk Punch which residents of Heelands wholeheartedly consider to be an Asset of Community Value (“ACV”). Continue reading

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Saving your health and the planet one beer at a time

Saving your health and the planet one beer at a time:

Why do we see ourselves as pioneers? Because when we started our recipe development back in 2013, we made a decision to build our business on clearly-thought out philosophy, focusing on (1) investing in the local community (2) doing business with ecological values and goals in mind and (3) creating a pure beer whilst appreciating the importance of good health.

Today in the Guardian Newspaper, it was highlighted that teenagers consuming a bathtub of sugary drinks a year risk their health to cancer. Cancer Research UK has urged the government to do more to improve children’s diets. Some children, between the ages of four and 10, are even consuming as much as two baths full of sugary drinks. CRUK say “There is an urgent need to further reduce children’s intake of sugary drinks” and are offering their full backing behind government proposals to introduce a sugar tax, an initiative already driven by chef Jamie Oliver. However, our addiction to sugar starts much earlier in our lives when besides natural breast-feeding, babies are fed instant formula milk. Plain cow’s milk is unsuited for infants which is why it undergoes processing to be made into infant formula. Part of this processing involves the addition of carbohydrates such as sucrose and glucose and modified starches.

Our philosophy has always been to keep our beers as pure as possible, using organic base malt, strictly avoiding the use of added sugars and syrups, and keeping our beers unfiltered and unfined (no isinglass) which has an added probiotic health benefit. Furthermore, our Growler Swap scheme is the most ecologically sound beverage packaging solution, which means you’ll be saving the planet one beer at a time.

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This. Isn’t. Lager…. Or is it!

Pilsner is a pale lager which takes its name from the city of Pilsen, a city today located in the Czech Republic. Pilsner beers have influenced many of the beers produced around the world today. Bucks Star are planning to release their own version of a Pilsner-type beer in commemoration of MK’s 50th birthday in 2017, giving the name Mideltone Pils to this new beer. Milton Keynes took its name from the ancient village of Milton Keynes, but the village already had a name during the Saxon period and appears in the Domesday book as Mideltone, hence the name Mideltone Pils for Bucks Star’s 3rd beer in the range.

More about Milton Keynes Village


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The Fight for Real Ale – Milton Keynes CAMRA

The following article has been taken from Beer Moos which is a quarterly publication of the Milton Keynes and North Bucks Branch of CAMRA.

Having attended a most worthwhile CAMRA Revitalisation meeting in Milton Keynes it is my privilege as Editor of Beer Moos to inflict on you my own tuppence-ha’penny worth on the issues facing CAMRA at 40.

Prominent amongst which I think is complacency. Most CAMRA members do very little actively to support our Campaign, and many cask ale drinkers don’t bother to join us, because, looking at rising cask ale sales and rows of handpumps adorning lots of pubs, they think we have won the fight to save Real Ale and so CAMRA’s game is now over. Continue reading

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Celebrating with first beer in two years

British Paralympian Andy Lewis won gold in the men’s PT2 Triathlon and says he will be celebrating his victory with his first beer in two years.  Andy Lewis may not have waited two years before his first pint had he known about the benefits of Bucks Star’s real ale. Nonetheless, a great achievement he has made as well as a perfect choice of celebratory drink. Continue reading