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Growler Swap launches delivery service

Growler Swap will be launching a fortnightly local delivery service in July. There has been a growing demand for beer via the Growler Swap scheme, which has been designed around a process which not only achieves zero-waste, but ensures customers receive local beer which is pure, fresh and of premium quality.

Growler Swap is currently trialling the scheme at the Frosts Garden Centre Food Hall in Woburn, envisioning adoption of the scheme on a wider basis. Growler Swap will not be limited to beer; the benefit of the scheme is that it has the potential to offer all beverages made within each locality.

Following the fire at the brewery last year, Bucks Star Beer have had to take their beer to the general public through farmers markets and various events. The delivery scheme is being introduced to provide customers with that extra convenience, so that they can stock up for the weekend by having their growler swapped at their front door.

GrowlerSwap are looking to launch their website and be in full service during 2018. In the meantime, please check back here for further information. If you’re a retailer and wish to join the growlerswap scheme, please contact us directly.

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