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Saving your health and the planet one beer at a time

Saving your health and the planet one beer at a time:

Why do we see ourselves as pioneers? Because when we started our recipe development back in 2013, we made a decision to build our business on clearly-thought out philosophy, focusing on (1) investing in the local community (2) doing business with ecological values and goals in mind and (3) creating a pure beer whilst appreciating the importance of good health.

Today in the Guardian Newspaper, it was highlighted that teenagers consuming a bathtub of sugary drinks a year risk their health to cancer. Cancer Research UK has urged the government to do more to improve children’s diets. Some children, between the ages of four and 10, are even consuming as much as two baths full of sugary drinks. CRUK say “There is an urgent need to further reduce children’s intake of sugary drinks” and are offering their full backing behind government proposals to introduce a sugar tax, an initiative already driven by chef Jamie Oliver. However, our addiction to sugar starts much earlier in our lives when besides natural breast-feeding, babies are fed instant formula milk. Plain cow’s milk is unsuited for infants which is why it undergoes processing to be made into infant formula. Part of this processing involves the addition of carbohydrates such as sucrose and glucose and modified starches.

Our philosophy has always been to keep our beers as pure as possible, using organic base malt, strictly avoiding the use of added sugars and syrups, and keeping our beers unfiltered and unfined (no isinglass) which has an added probiotic health benefit. Furthermore, our Growler Swap scheme is the most ecologically sound beverage packaging solution, which means you’ll be saving the planet one beer at a time.

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