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Growler Swap; Bucks Star pioneers the beer growler movement since 2015!

Pioneering the beer growler movement in Buckinghamshire since 2015

As leaders of the beer growler movement in Buckinghamshire and producing beer in its purest form, Bucks Star are pleased to see other breweries and outlets following the trend. As the first ecologically-minded brewery in the Country, we will be further investing to introduce Growler Swap, a scheme where customers will be able to swap their Eco Growlers for refills at various locations around Milton Keynes. We’re pleased that others now see the potential in this idea and will be following in our footsteps.

We have completed our full range of beers which will be available once the Growler Swap scheme has been launched. For those of you who may not be familiar with our beer growlers, they are high quality reusable glass vessels. Please spread the word and come back for further updates!

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