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Convenience Vs Quality; What do we leave to future generations to inherit from us?

A question directly relevant to the topic of freshness. The electric microwave has only become commonplace in households in the last few decades, serving the purpose of reheating previously cooked foods.

But the electric microwave follows another food-related invention which again was a recent development in the history of civilisation; canned food. Canning came about due to the need to preserve large amounts of food cheaply, originally conceived for use during times of war when life was interrupted by invading forces. Convenience appears to be a later offshoot which now may be the main reason behind the ready-made meals and preheated canned foods now commonly bought in supermarkets. But when it comes to putting food inside our bodies, which consideration should be given priority – convenience or quality? Financial considerations are of course important because fresh food has a limited shelf life and waste is a cost factored into the price of fresh/raw ingredients. Furthermore, not everyone has been endowed with the culinary skills which have made chefs like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey national icons.

If convenience canned-foodis an overriding factor for the average person, then some attention diverts to the subject of eating-out. When deciding on a choice of place to eat, whether restaurant, pub or take-away, you pay for the convenience to have someone else present freshly prepared food for you – but is that what you’re actually getting or is the chef also relying on the convenience of microwaving ready-made meals for you? The answer, to some degree, is reflected in the price you pay for the food being presented to you.

It’s now becoming common knowledge that as living creatures, our health benefits most from eating natural, living, raw foods. The more processing and artificial ingredients we intake, the less of what we consume resembles food. It’s with this philosophy in mind that Bucks Star created a pure beer, using organic ingredients where possible and avoiding other processes which interfere with the quality of the product. Our method of making beer and doing business very closely reflects traditions which have stood the test of time, but society has now reached the point where convenience and quality hang in the balance. The question is which do we give more importance to and why, and where will it take us in a decade or even a century from now? What do we leave to future generations to inherit from us? That’s ultimately a decision for you, the consumer.

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One comment on “Convenience Vs Quality; What do we leave to future generations to inherit from us?

  1. Your beer is lovely – I wouldn’t mind it in a can if it kept the same sort of notes. The experience I’ve had with canned craft beers has been generally pretty good – Punk being the main one I can compare to, though also there’s one in M&S at the moment which I think is brewed by Adnams and it’s virtually the same in can and bottled form.

    Just don’t charge £10 for 4 as that’s a bit steep… (as some places do!)

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